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From repairs and maintenance to installations of the top brand-name products, we complete HVAC services throughout Metro Detroit.

Dealing with extreme indoor temperatures can put a serious damper on your comfort, productivity, and even your health. That's why we're committed to providing prompt and reliable furnace repair services! A trusted name in HVAC since 1922, Reckingers has specialized in furnace repair for any make or model.

Furnace Repair to Keep Your Comfortable!

  • Installation - Whether it's a new building or existing structure, we will install AC systems that are perfectly suited to it. We carry the latest cooling technologies, allowing you to minimize energy use while maximizing comfort.
  • Repair - If your system fails, consumes excess energy, or doesn't balance temperature properly, our furnace repair team will restore it to full working order. We find the root cause and make sure that it doesn't happen again.
  • Maintenance - Even if you can't identify a specific problem with your unit, we can detect early symptoms. If we find problems, we fix it before it causes trouble.
  • Installation - Whether you're constructing a new building or renovating an existing structure, furnace repair that is customized to your situation is vital. We work with the newest technologies, helping cut-down on your energy bills and improve comfort.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Even if there's no problem currently with your heating and cooling system, we can perform preventative maintenance and detect potential issues early. If we find a problem, we can fix it before it turns into a long-term outage.

Licensed, Factory-Trained Techs in Metro Detroit

We employ factory-trained, professional technicians who're prompt and professional. They also have the experience and advanced tools to diagnose and repair your system correctly the first time. Our mission is to affordably bring comfort back into your home or business!

Certified Trane Comfort Specialists Near Redford

Being a Trane Comfort Specialist means that Trane evaluators verified that we excel at installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training. Not all of our competitors can say the same, because of Trane's high standards and continuing education requirements.

HVAC Techs For All Makes & Models

Some brands provide better efficiency, some are more affordable, others are more dependable. Considering our experience of servicing and working with all major brands, we've found Trane to be best suited for the majority of projects. Trane systems are solidly built, long-lasting, and typically require less maintenance. The system you select should have features to match your lifestyle.

Honest Estimates & Customer Service

Our goal is to maximize the benefits of your system, while lowering energy bills and reducing maintenance or break-downs. Like your car, HVAC systems require care. It's not uncommon for systems that receive routine maintenance to perform for 20 to 30 years.

With our help, you can:

  • Save Money- Our approach is designed to affordably create comfort that is also energy efficiency. This saves money by lowering your utility bills.
  • Save Time- Fewer repairs means less time scheduling inspections. This is especially important for business-owners, as installations, repairs, and maintenance work can oftentimes halt operations.
  • Save the Planet- The less energy you need to heat your building, the less that you contribute to a range of ecological problems. Installing a 'green' heating system may make your home or business eligible for state, Federal, and private environmental incentives.

Homeowners should factor the price of their system, as well as installation costs. You should also consider the energy bill savings from increased efficiency.

HVAC components need annual check-ups and maintenance. Don't skip these preventative measures, as your system could break unexpectedly -- creating serious risks for your home or business.

Expert Furnace Repair In SE Michigan

These systems are one of the most common and efficient ways for improving your home. Throughout our service area, the vast majority building need furnace repair occasionally.

For fast, reliable service from SE Michigan's most trusted team, contact us today to schedule service or request a free estimate for equipment installation.

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