Never Suffer from a Power Outage Again: We Offer Expert Generator Installations in Dearborn and Throughout SE Michigan

A compact outdoor generator near a nice home

We depend almost entirely on electricity, from lighting our houses, to heating and cooling them, and communicating or having access to essential information.

During natural disasters (heavy rains or snows, summer storms, flooding and so on) the electricity distribution system is usually the first that goes off. It doesn’t even take a disaster for the electricity to go off: during hot summer days or during very cold periods, the electrical grid may be overburden and outages could occur. What could be more uncomfortable than an extremely hot or extremely cold house? You can protect yourself from such unpleasant surprises by purchasing and installing a generator.

Generators are generally supplied with propane or natural gas and will provide whole-home power backup that can keep you comfortable in even the worst storms and outages.

Whether you are home or away, a premium Home Standby Generator System from Briggs & Stratton will keep you up and running smoothly during power outages caused by hurricanes, tornadoes and blackouts.

 picte of a Briggs & Stratton PowerProtect PP10 generator

The expert technicians at Reckingers Heating and Cooling can help you determine the perfect generator for your home. Then, we’ll perform a flawless installation, taking extra care to be respectful of your property and busy schedule.

A continuous fuel supply to either propane or natural gas means fully automatic, hassle-free backup power for years to come! Contact our specialists to find out more about the generators we offer, or to get a free quote for your equipment installation.

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